Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere is the complete front-end to back-end, prototype-to-production environment for rapidly developing and deploying enterprise-level, cross-platform mobile and web business applications that work offline. Alpha Anywhere is the only Rapid Mobile Application Development (RMAD) and deployment platform that meets every key requirement you need. This includes:

  • - Security
  • - Integration
  • - Front-and-Back End
  • - Offline capability
  • - Low-code
  • - Responsive design
  • - Standards-based
  • - Client-side templating
  • - PhoneGap integration

Mobilising MS Access - Why we have adopted Alpha Anywhere

For over 20 years Advance Software has been involved in the design and development of Microsoft Access database applications. These days most organisations need to be able to access their data via web or mobile device and Access does not cater for this in an effective way. Thankfully, Alpha Anywhere provides the functionality to build full-featured web and mobile applications that tie directly into your Microsoft Access data. Some of its key features in relation to MS Access users are:

  • - Applications can link directly to Access data
  • - Existing Access applications can be left in place
  • - Microsoft Sharepoint is not required
  • - Applications run smoothly on all browsers
  • - Applications run smoothly on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • - Applications are scalable to thousands of users

It is for the above reasons that we have embraced Alpha Anywhere as our tool of choice for both mobilising Microsoft Access databases and for developing new web and mobile applications.